We will help meet the filing needs and requirements of our incorporated clients, especially the small business owners.

We will advise on tips to minimize tax. We will also advise on pitfalls to avoid.

As part of our service to the corporation, we will also prepare financial statements, which includes a snapshot of the corporation’s assets and liabilities at year-end; as well as a statement of net income complete with revenue and expenses and, of course, the corporate tax return. Any other tax filings will be included in our services to you.

The services we offer:

  • Consultation

    • Answering various questions regarding tax and accounting for businesses, registered Canadian charities and individuals
    • Talk to us before you get involved in a transaction or before you get so frustrated with the information that a government agency has requested.  You’d like to do your own bookkeeping but don’t know how to use the bookkeeping software?  You’re planning to sell a rental property?  There are several life and business events that we can help with guiding you in the right direction.
  • Corporate tax returns

    • We will prepare your returns and, in most cases, file them electronically with the government
    • Any other information returns that are required will also be filed with the government
  • Financial statements

    • We prepare financials that are ideal for management and/or the owner(s), usually called NTR (Notice to Reader) statements, from your information that we have compiled
    • For the self-employed, the financial statements are optional and usually only include an income or profit and loss statement
  • Government filings

    • Payroll, GST/HST, WSIB, T4’s, T5’s, instalments and Rebates
    • Even if you prefer to file these on your own, we can send you reminders before the due dates
  • Taxplanning

    • There are many life and tax events that effect you and your particular situation
    • The more familiar we become with you, the better advice we can provide
    • We want to help you alleviate any future tax burdens if at all possible