Ralston Evans, CPA, CGA

Ralston has worked in the Accounting and Finance field for over 30 years with over 20 years experience in Public Accounting. His career path began in banking with positions held at branch and investment levels for one of the top Canadian chartered banks.  He has worked directly as an employee with accounting firms as well as sub-contract work — both large and small.  A good portion of his time in accounting services to the public, has been spent with the owner-managed business; helping them manage the many roles required of a small business owner.

He graduated from Ryerson University in 1994 with a Certificate in Accounting and Finance.  He obtained his formal training through Ryerson University, Centennial College and The Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario.

Ralston was admitted into membership of The Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario (which officially amalgamated with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario on May 17, 2017) in 2001, and into the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario in 2014.

Ralston opened his practice in Lindsay in January, 2013.  He has enjoyed helping his clients to get organized, and better understand their business requirements.

With new clients, Ralston’s practice is to review their prior year files to ensure nothing has been missed and that their tax filings are current with Canada Revenue Agency.  Often, Ralston is successful in finding tax credits the client was unaware of, which has put more money into their pockets.