Meeting the filing needs and requirements of the everyday person and non-incorporated business. Our tax preparation service is thorough and efficient.
Our services are for those who like the peace of mind in knowing that:

  • a professional has prepared their return
  • they have been advised of any advantages and/or pitfalls that can be seen in their individual and family tax situation.
  • It’s a very personal service because your finances are very personal. You will not be treated like a number because we care about your details.

The services we offer:

  • Consultation

    • Answering various questions regarding tax and accounting for businesses, registered Canadian charities and individuals
    • Talk to us before you get involved in a transaction or before you get so frustrated with the information that a government agency has requested.  You’d like to do your own bookkeeping but don’t know how to use the bookkeeping software?  You’re planning to sell a rental property?  There are several life and business events that we can help with guiding you in the right direction.
  • Personal Tax

    • This service includes the sorting of client records and preparing for government filing via e-file
    • It also includes self-employed schedules, employment schedules and business income statements
  • Taxplannng

    • There are many life and tax events that effect you and your particular situation
    • The more familiar we become with you, the better advice we can provide
    • We want to help you alleviate any future tax burdens if at all possible