To the Estate administrator: Do you know what CRA needs from you and when they need it? We will help guide you through all your filing requirements and assist in finding ways to legally reduce any tax burden.

The services we offer:

  • Taxplannng

    • There are many life and tax events that effect you and your particular situation
    • The more familiar we become with you, the better advice we can provide
    • We want to help you alleviate any future tax burdens if at all possible
  • 9. Trust returns & final personal tax returns

    • Unfortunately, the funeral home may not have taken care of all the notifications that need to be sent out to each government division.  We can assist and complete this requirement
    • We will check prior year filings if you wish and notify you and your lawyer of any outstanding taxes with Canada Revenue Agency
    • We will also prepare the final personal tax returns and related schedules, as well as the estate tax return and related schedules
    • If you have set up a discretionary trust (like a Henson Trust), especially for someone that has life challenges and requires the financial assistance of a trustee, we can help with the filing requirements and put you on the right path