Patrice, Business owner

“Ralston Evans Chartered Professional Accountant is the accounting firm you really want to go to. The office is nice and airy.  You are greeted with a beautiful smile that cheers you up instantly, even if you’re worried about your taxes you can’t help but smile back 🙂

He is calm, he listens and is very organised and above all very thorough and honest.
You can be confident that he will take time to discuss your situation and offer solutions that are tailor-made for you.

For over 10 years, his services have been invaluable to me. He has become more like a partner doing both my personal and business taxes.

He definitely deserves 5 stars.”

Alan and Katherine, Business owners

“As our accountant, Ralston Evans has been an ardent supporter of our business.  He is diligent, thorough, and efficient during reviews of our account, and provides timely assistance with the CRA when tax issues arise.  This saves us time and money.

When spring tax time arrives, he seamlessly sorts out our business accounts from our personal accounts keeping us on the correct financial track.  

We appreciate his hard work!”

Frank, Registered Canadian Charity

“When I first became treasurer of my church a few years ago, I was quite limited in my understanding of the role. Ralston has always been very supportive and a great source of information. He has performed many duties on my behalf and helped immensely with any government forms and interpretations. He identified areas that needed my attention, along with detailed explanations as to why. He is not forceful, but simply provides the necessary information for us to make an informed decision. I can ask Ralston any question regardless of simplicity or complexity. He is very professional, treats people with respect and is a pleasure to work with. (He can sing great too!)”

Scott, Registered Canadian Charity Alan and Katherine, Business owners

“I can personally say after eight years with Ralston Evans as my accountant, I have had no worries sleeping at night. You cannot find a more honest, caring, and up-to-date man to work for you. For many years to come, I plan and intend to have Ralston Evans as my personal and business accountant.”

 Lynda, Business owner

“You always go the “extra mile”!  Thanks so much for all your help with my books!!”  


“Your kindness is appreciated very much.  Thank you for taking care of our taxes & your extra beneficiary advice as well!”